1541 THOMPSON CREEK ROAD P.O. BOX 1270 HONAKER, VIRGINIA 24260 Phone (276) 991-9100 Fax (276) 991-9103
1541 THOMPSON CREEK ROAD P.O. BOX 1270HONAKER, VIRGINIA 24260 Phone (276) 991-9100Fax (276) 991-9103

DRPE has been surveying for the natural gas industry for the past 20 years, and surveyed over 3,000 gas wells in Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky.  DRPE has an inclusive network survey control throughout the natural gas fields for rapid deployment of conventional or GPS surveying.  Our natural gas surveying includes:


• Topographic surveys for well drill site and access road design
• Drill site and access road design
• Erosion and sediment control plans for drill sites
• Permitting for drill sites
• Certified well plats (Proposed and Finals)
• Drill site stakeouts and rig set up


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